60 minutes ($150)

Strategy + Whole Body Adjustment

Perfect if there's an injury or concern thats been a challenge for you.

We chat about your history, current patterns, and what you're experiencing.

This visit gives us time to create a multi-faceted plan to help you heal outside our sessions.

Tune Up

30-40min ($100)

Check-in + Whole Body Adjustment

The sweet spot!

We check-in on how you’re feeling and what’s been working for you.

We follow that up with a whole body tune-up, and identify little things you can do to progress & create lasting results between sessions.


15-20min, ($50)

Focused Adjustment or Pediatric Care

Perfect if you need a 2nd visit in a week to help nudge your progress along.

Or for lighter, more integrative care to a same-day deep acupuncture session.

It's also a perfect choice for babes or kiddos, as their adjustments are super important yet more straightforward.


5 Pack : The Perfect Reset ($475)

5 Tune-Ups + Email Summary & Plan

Does your body need a little reset? Then this package is for you! Designed to be just long enough to get you through a rough patch - or for newbies who want to give chiropractic a go.

10 Pack : The Perfect Flex ($900)

10 Tune-Ups + Email Summary & Plan

Designed to be flexible, this package is perfect for those with stubborn injuries (who need consistent care upfront) or stubborn schedules (who want *near* monthly tune ups) alike.

15 Pack : The Perfect Plan ($1275)

15 Tune-Ups + Email Summary & Plan

Designed to be an annual purchase, this package ensures you get a monthly tune-up, plus a few extra (for those times when you just need a little extra TLC).