New patients

Sessions work best when you're comfortable, so avoid wearing anything excessively restrictive or delicate

(or bring something comfy to change into).

your first session

Lets Chat

We'll chat about your health history, how you feel on a daily basis, what your typical day looks like,

and what your health goals are.

Lets Look

We'll do a full assessment, toes to cranium, noting where your body has excellent balance

and where it could benefit from a little support.

Lets Review

We will pause to discuss what we've found, how this may be preventing you from achieving better health,

and what might be a good fit for getting to you to where you want to be. 

Lets Work

We will find a hands on approach that is comfortable for the both of us, and start to create positive and lasting changes.

Lets Plan

At the end of your session, we'll start to create a roadmap that will lead us to your health goals and discuss the need and timing of a follow up session.

During your follow up, we'll be able to see how your body responded to our work, how you've been feeling, and use this feedback to help us finalize your care plan.