Align your body. Define your health.

Feel what its like to thrive. 

Your whole body is connected

Therefore, your sessions include full body assessment, from your toes all the way up through your cranium.

Together, we work with your health history and highly specific assessments and indicators to rebalance your entire body.

We identify and correct both the direct and indirect stressors that create your negative recurring patterns.

You feel better faster, and stay in alignment longer.

my Approach

Some patients enjoy dynamic sessions, while others prefer gentler techniques.

We will find an approach that you find comfortable for your body's specific needs

and that helps you achieve your wellness goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Feel the difference

Sacro-Occipital Technique is a specific type of chiropractic unlike any other.

It's approach is often gentle, but reaches the body on a deeper level,

with the potential to create profound and lasting changes.


I will RESPECT and LISTEN to you.

We will keep open COMMUNICATION to monitor your comfort and goals.

We will CONNECT with other amazing health professionals, should you need additional care.

We will rebalance EVERYTHING that needs it, and NOTHING that doesn't.