Hydration Is Key!

When water just isn't enough and the summer sun has you headachy, fatigued, woozy, or even nauseous, this simple electrolyte drink can perk you right up.

Be sure to use sea salt (not regular table salt or kosher salt) and real fruit juice - as these will help restore your electrolyte balance.

Homemade Gatorade
2 cups plain, filtered water
1 big pinch sea salt
1 big splash fruit juice (ie: apple juice or a good squeeze of lemon or orange juice)
1 small drizzle honey or maple syrup

Stir everything together and chill or pour over ice.
Garnish with fruit slices, mint, or cucumber if you're feeling fancy.

Take time to rest, cool down, and listen to your body if it's needing a break. Better to sit out for a few hours than miss a whole week/end of fun while recovering from heat exhaustion :)