Stress, Stress, Baby

Lets hear it for Adaptation. It’s what’s kept us alive for centuries! 


Cold? Can’t see in the dark? Are you over steak tartare? AND SO MAN HARNESSED FIRE.

Tired of carrying that heavy load? AND SO MAN INVENTED THE WHEEL.

Can never remember how to set the VCR? AND SO MAN CREATED NETFLIX.


Aside from those critical milestones, adaptation is a big part of what keeps us going everyday. 

When our ability to adapt runs out - thats when we end up tired, injured, or sick.


Here are the 3 ways our bodies lose adaptation, and how to get it back!

1) Chemical Stress: Any physical toxin that you meet throughout your day.

  • The strange plumes of stink that creep out of New York City streets
  • Packaged food, plastic bottled water
  • Excess sugar, fake sugar, or other inflammatory foods
  • Household cleaners, personal products (lotion, makeup, deodorant)
  • Quick Fixes: 
    • Ditch plastic bottled water for a glass or stainless steel bottle
    • Avoid products containing the Dirty Dozen
    • Swap artificial sugar for natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, or cane sugar


2) Physical Stress: Things that physically wear on your body

  • An accident - car, bike, slipping on ice, stepping off the curb wrong…
  • Posture - hunching over our technology, improper ergonomics at work, sleeping positions…
  • Working out - this is a good stress! but is still a stress on our bodies that causes us to adapt
  • Never working out - I think we all know this.
  • Quick Fixes:
    • Try to walk at least 20 minutes a day (you can break this up into 2-3 sessions!)
    • Assess your workspace to be more posture-friendly
    • Be sure to cross train to keep you body balanced and challenged
      • (ie: HIIT style class + yoga + pilates)


3) Emotional Stress: Anything from your daily commute to a huge project at work, to the loss of a loved one. The things that make your shoulders creep up towards your ears, shorten your breath, or raise your blood pressure.

  • Expectations and Obligations - from work, friends, family, or yourself
  • Toxic environments or people - that leave you sapped of energy or sense of self
  • Security - of relationships, finances, or goals
  • The little bumps in the road that, every once in a while, just seem to add up
  • Quick Fixes:
    • Meditate for 2 minutes or more per day! (I love the app Stop, Breathe & Think!)
    • Use a Productivity Journal exercise to reflect on your day, prepare for tomorrow, and give yourself permission to stop working for the rest of the night.
    • Assess your schedule and build in time for self care.

A Note on Stress...

No matter how much we try, there will always be stress in our lives. Reducing our stress load by establishing healthy lifestyle habits will keep your adaptive abilities in a muuuch better place.

BUT, we still need to COUNTERBALANCE the daily stress we can't avoid (because we're not robots, not quite yet anyway).


But is there anything that can reduce all three of our stressors at once?!


C H I R O P R A C T I C,   B A B Y .

√ Physical Stress: Chiropractic puts your physical body back into balance, so all your parts move synchronously. No more trying to do deadlifts with a torqued pelvis. (ouch!)

√ Chemical Stress: When your spine is aligned, your nervous system fires at its best - meaning your organ systems (including your detox & waste elimination organs) are killing it

√ Emotional Stress: Feeling physically better when you're in alignment automatically means your in a better emotional state. But ALSO, chiropractic has a direct effect on your nervous system, which is in control of all your finely nuanced hormones and chemical reactions!


So, there you have it. YOU'RE A M A Z E D, RIGHT?!


Chiropractic helps boost your adaptive abilities which keeps you alive - and, even better - can allow you to ENJOY that LIFE that you are LIVING.


If you want to BOOST your adaptability, COUNTERBALANCE our non-negotiable daily stress, and YOLO...join me over here.


Have you joined me, but know someone who could use a swift kick in the adaptation? Be a nice friend and send them this post! (bonus points for staging an intervention and slipping them my card in the process). (i'm kidding, sheesh.)