The Universal Three Steps to Wellness

Healing and wellness are tricky things, you know? You juuust start to feel good, when - whoomp, there it is - something happens and you feel like you’ve just stumbled backwards.

What happened?? - Odds are, your body just wasn’t set in it’s healthier pattern quite yet.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on keeping on. 

Below I’ve outlined how every body achieves wellness. Sure, your individual journey may go faster or slower or take a few different detours than the person next to you (that’s what I’m here to help you with), but these are the mile markers you’ll hit to know you’re on the right track and headed for something great.

Step 1: Restorative Care

You Feel: Pain, discomfort, less mobility, function, and control

We See: Body imbalance, nervous system stress, some inconsistent wellness habits. The body has lost its ability to adapt and heal itself.


Step 2: Transitional Care

You Feel: Pain free! Improved mobility, function, and adaptation.

We See: Improved body alignment and function, restored healing potential, a positive shift in wellness habits(!!!); a body transitioning towards TRUE WELLNESS CARE.


Step 3: Wellness Care (congratulations! you made it!)

You Feel: At your very best! You're energetic, empowered, and in control of your health.

We See: A high functioning and adaptive body! A nervous system free of stress. A person in optimal alignment and health, and actively engaged in their wellness choices.


A note on Feeling vs Healing

When people start chiropractic care, they often start to feel improvement soon after starting care, but their bodies haven’t quite locked into the new positive habits yet! It’s like learning to ride a bike. The firs time you get it right is fantastic - you’re flying! But it takes repetition for your body to “learn” this new and awesome habit, otherwise you run the risk of “forgetting” it quickly as your body takes a step back towards its old patterns and what it’s familiar with.

Body education, adaptation, healing, and lasting wellness take some time upfront, but once its there, it only takes the occasional ‘tune-up’ to keep you running at your best. This is an investment that will last you a lifetime!

No matter which step to wellness you’re on, no matter how long you’ve been on that step, there is always the option to move forward. My job is to meet people where they’re at and help them build a roadmap to get them (or keep them!) feeling and functioning at their best. 

Life is too short to feel “okay”. 

If you’re ready to lay down the foundation to get you to that next step and beyond,

I’m here for you.