You Can Do The Thing!

I love checklists. 

I love the satisfaction of crossing out a to-do and mentally celebrating! In fact, sometimes if I do a thing that I didn’t have on my list, I write it down JUST SO I CAN CROSS IT OFF. 

So here is my gift to you: your OWN checklist to guide you to your wellness goals. The beauty is that you can probably check a few (or a lot!) of things off this list that you do everyday! And for the remaining To-Dos? Each week choose your top 2 that you commit to working on, and don’t forget that slow and steady wins the race.

Maybe you haven’t worked out consistently in weeks, months, or even YEARS. That’s fine! Start by committing to walking 20 minutes 3 days a week. Or if you already do that because of your commute, then commit to working out for 30 minutes once this week. Then twice next week. Then maybe stay at twice a week but go for 40 minute each session….

I do NOT expect NOR RECOMMEND that you promise yourself you’ll do everything on this list TODAY. (heck, I certainly don’t!) But a checklist is a great place to start, and a great way to measure your progress.


☐ Drink plenty of clean filtered water. 

A good guesstimate is half your bodyweight in oz. (160lb person should start by trying to sip 80oz a day).

☐ Carry your water with you in a glass or stainless steel bottle.

Do not use plastic bottled water.



☐ Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday when possible.

☐ Use the sun to trigger your internal clock in the morning and at lunch.

☐ Use warm, indirect light and blue-light blocking technology in the evening.

☐ Try productivity journaling to reflect on your day, prepare you for tomorrow, and give your mind permission to turn off for the night.



☐ Eat snacks and meals composed of protein/healthy fat/complex carbs for energy, satisfaction, and blood sugar balance.

☐ Eat your snacks and meals at consistent times every day when possible.

☐ Try to stop eating 2 hours before you get ready for bed.

☐ Start to limit your intake of processed foods (typically anything that comes in a package).

☐ Avoid fake sugars of all kinds.

☐ Use the Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen list to decide when buying organic is best.



☐ Work up to doing a moderate workout 3 times a week.

☐ Choose cross-training to keep your body challenged and balanced.

☐ Don’t forget that “rest” days are critical for body repair, muscle gain, and injury prevention.

☐ Try to walk at least 20 minutes everyday (which isn’t hard to do in NYC!).

☐ Meditate for 2 minutes or more everyday. Consider using a guided meditation app like Stop, Breathe & Think to make meditation easy, personalized, and fun.

☐ Use the Dirty Dozen Endocrine (Hormone) Disruptors list to know what to avoid when choosing your personal and household products.



☐ Consider chiropractic care to align your body, decrease your stress, and restore your body’s ability to heal and adapt to it’s highest potential.

☐ If you're ready to hop on the healthy wagon with chiropractic, meet me over here!