Laura's passion is to help her patients rediscover their inborn ability to thrive and use chiropractic as a form of 'tune-ups' to keep them operating at their highest potential.

Having grown up in rural Minnesota with a Western-medicine influence, Laura tried passion-lessly pursuing multiple paths in healthcare before discovering and falling in love with chiropractic. She promptly applied to chiropractic school and moved to New York where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College.

Quickly sensing a need for a more thorough approach, Laura immediately pursued additional training and certified in Sacro-Occipital Technique (which helps her patients restore their health potential on a deeper, more lasting level) and Webster Technique (which safely and comfortably restores proper pelvic function, resolves discomfort, and supports a more positive pregnancy, labor, and delivery outcome) before her second year of practice.

She is currently studying advanced cranial adjusting, knowing that 80% of the nervous system resides in the cranium yet is rarely ever addressed. 

When she's not practicing at her own office during the week, Laura provides maternity coverage in Brooklyn and consults for a corporate wellness firm in Manhattan.

In her spare time, Laura loves to cook and eat, read about cooking and eating, and spend time with her husband, Jason, and their stinky (yet adorable) dachshund, Dexter.

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