Session fees

Initial Session (about 1 hour) : $150

Follow Up Session (about 30 minutes) : $100



If you have out of network chiropractic benefits through your insurance, your policy may help pay for your care!

Not sure if you have out of network benefits? I can check on that for you.

- - -

If you do have out of network benefits, I will happily provide you with an insurance receipt that will contain all the information you need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 


why are you out of network?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies have low reimbursement rates for in-network chiropractors.

This forces many in-network chiropractors to see more patients per hour in order to make a living.

Choosing to be out of network with insurance companies is one way for providers to be able to spend more time with their patients and provide more in-depth, personalized care.